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Thanksgiving Breakfast Bake

CLICK HERE for Thanksgiving Breakfast Bake Recipe!

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Every Thanksgiving we get so busy with preparations for the big feast that we completely forget to eat breakfast. This year try this delicious breakfast bake. You can prep it the night before and then just pop it in the oven on Thursday morning and voila! Your breakfast is ready to be served. Enjoy it and then go on preparing for your big Thanksgiving meal 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!



Slow-Cooked Mexican Stew

CLICK HERE for Slow-Cooked Mexican Stew recipe.

Do you have a crazy day ahead of you? Try this super easy yet delicious dinner. All you got to do is throw the ingredients together into your slow cooker and let it do all the work. Your dinner will be ready to be served just in time and it will be finger-licking-amazing.


20 Minute Dinner

CLICK HERE for 20 min dinner recipe!

On this episode I wanted to share with you my go to last minute, 20 minute dinner recipe. It honestly only takes 20 minutes to make is super delicious and comforting. It’s especially great on a chilly day. Enjoy!

Halloween Themed Cupcakes

CLICK HERE for Halloween Themed Cupcakes Recipe!

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Halloween is upon us and on this week’s episode my mom and I are making Halloween Themed Cupcakes! These are SO CUTE! (and super easy to make) Are you planning or maybe going to a Halloween party? Make these, they will impress all the children and adults alike. 🙂

Cooking Chicken and Dumplings With 5 Year Old Chef Zach

CLICK HERE for Chicken and Dumplings Recipe!

Zach has been more and more interested in helping me make dinner. So tonight for dinner we made one of our favorite Fall recipes – Chicken and Dumplings. There is nothing more comforting on a chilly Fall day than this delicious meal. Hope you will give this one a try and get your kiddos involved in the cooking!

Homemade Slow Cooked Apple Sauce

CLICK HERE for Homemade Slow Cooked Apple Sauce Recipe!

Who else loves fall as much as I do? It’s most definitely my favorite season. We go apple picking every fall and one of my favorite fall recipes is homemade slow cooked apple sauce. Not only is it delicious and fills your house with the most amazing smell, it’s also free of preservatives and makes a healthy snack, perfect pancake topping or an additional breakfast dish. YUM!


Stuffed Peppers

CLICK HERE for Stuffed Peppers recipe!

I love dinners that I can prep in advance and then just put in the oven right before serving. This saves me so much time and stress during the “witching hour” HA! This recipe is most definitely one of my favorites. It’s so delicious and easy to make and my boys love it. My great grandmother used to make these often when I was a child, so stuffed peppers hold a very special place in my heart. I hope you enjoy!

How to Make Fruit Roll Ups

CLICK HERE for Strawberry & Kiwi Fruit Roll Ups recipe!


Happy September! Happy Back To School!

On this episode Zach and I are making fruit roll ups! They are super easy to make and if you make them at home they will not have any added sugars or preservatives. They make a great snack and/or desert and your kiddos will love helping you make these. Enjoy!

Episode 41: Buttered Sugar Snap Peas

CLICK HERE for Buttered Sugar Snap Peas recipe!

CLICK HERE for the list of Brooklyn Green Markets!

This is another episode in collaboration with Corner Media Group to spread awareness about the wonderful Green Markets that take place all over Brooklyn. I’m making Grow NYC‘s Buttered Sugar Snap Peas Recipe. This recipe can be made with the ingredients picked up at your local green market! Sugar snap peas are one of my favorite vegetables to make. They take no time to cook and so crisp and delicious. They make a perfect dinner or lunch side OR a healthy snack. Definitely give these a try. Your kiddos will love the crunch!

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